"HONG BANG6"一1200T Crane Barge
"DE JI 6" -700T Crane Barge
"DE JI 6" -400T Crane Barge

      Lianyungang DALI Underwater Engineering Co., Ltd ("DALI") was registered inChina in 1996. After development of 20 years, DALI has made great progress in everyaspect and taking the lead in the salvage & offshore engineering enterprises in China.DALI has been honoured with the membership The Salvage Committee of ChinaNavigation Institute of China Salvage Association (CSA)' in 2006 and of  'The ChinaDiving & Salvage Contractors Association (CDSCA)' in 2008, and also qualified with"Costal B class" salvage ability and offshore engineering in 2010. In 2011, DALI wasqualified with the C Class of'Diving Service Capability and upgrated to B Class in2016.ln 2017,DALI has been honoured with the associate membership of InternationalSalvage Union(ISU). DALI started its business in HONG KONG and Middle East from 2014......More

Sunken Ships Salvagek
Water Dredging
Oil Pumping Underwater
Sounding & Surveying Underwater
Heavy Lift & Transportationk
Welding & Cutting Underwater
Oil Terminal Platform  Transportation & …
Diving Services
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